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Commercial & Domestic Screed Services
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The process of screeding is simply applying a thin layer of various mixtures of cement and laid over a concrete sub-floor. The purpose of this to create a smooth and flat surface for finishing surfaces such as carpet to lay over or to cover under-floor heating pipes "The aim is to create a high-quality, super flat and smooth surface to fit your ideal flooring option over to a precise and top-tier standard" We use professionally designed and built equipment in coordination with our highly trained staff to measure, apply and set screed surfaces to both commercial and domestic flooring. Be it to cover-up your living room's new under-floor heating or to act as the foundation to a new wooden floor in your restaurant, our screed services are available to all. If you're looking for a professional screed surface, get in touch for a free 30 day quote...
General enquiries: 01642 452333 Info@JJPlant.co.uk Screed & Under-Floor Heating Enquiries: 07415 497530 James@JJPlant.co.uk Plant Hire enquiries: 07771 694087 J.Finch@JJPlant.co.uk